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Join us for the
Ignite Your Inner Goddess Empowerment Retreat

Spots will fill up fast! Learn more and reserve your space below!

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Ignite Your Inner Goddess! This retreat offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capitalize on tremendous savings! We created a list of payment options below, so you won't miss out on this $8,402 value!


Payment Options:


  • Pay in Full -$2,222 total (non refundable deposit of $425)

  • Pay in monthly payments - $2,555 total (non refundable deposit of $425)

               *Full amount due before start of Retreat

Buy NOW for incredible savings!

Professional Boudoir Photos by Wicked Peach Boudoir - $1,600 Value

Professionally Bound Leather Album w/photos - $400 Value 

Boudoir Closet Provided- $4,000 Value

Self Love Women’s Retreat Content - $1,777 Value 

-Stand For Your Sister (first thing) to connect everyone 

-Body Image/Body Positivity Exercise

-Reframing Critical Self Talk/Correcting Your Inner Dialogue 

-Body Appreciation/Respect

-Release Ceremony

-I AM activity 

-Affirmation Creation 

-Befriend Your Inner Critic/Ugly Lies/Beautiful Truths 

-Self Acceptance Meditation

Workbook- $55 Value 

VIP access to Inner Goddess Facebook Group

Swag Bag- $100 Value 

Gratitude Journal- $44 Value

Food/drinks -$150 Value


-Yoga led by instructor - $50 Value 

-Self Care Vision Board - $12 Value 

-Bath Salt Workshop/Creation- $33 Value 

-Intention Candle Making- $44 Value

-Self Gratitude Jar- $15 Value

-Oracle Card Reading (optional)- $100 Value 

-Glitter Cocktail Party- $22 Value 

-Sparkle Ceremony 

-Bad & Boujee Night- Dress to Impress

-Selfie Station

-Ladies of the Lake Celebration and Picnic


Total Value - $8,402


Payment Options

Payment in Full

6 Monthly Payments

*Attendee agrees to terms and conditions upon ticket purchase.

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