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You Grow, Girl! (Reg. $199) 75% OFF Cyber Monday!

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Amanda's best-selling, signature retreat is now available online so that you can experience profound change and growth, right from home. Come see why her students are calling this experience life-changing! Are you lost or in a hard place and know you need something to change? Are you blaming outside factors and traumas as to why you can’t have the life you really want? Are you stuck in this cycle of making the same mistakes and beating yourself up over them, but never getting to the root of your problems or changing your behaviors? I can assure you that I’ve been there and this course is exactly how I got myself out of that cycle! I was in a place where my weight was out of control, my marriage was on it’s way out, my health was taking a nose dive and costing me a fortune, and I felt “stuck”, even when I had “accomplished” most of what I had set out in life to do! In this online course you will be given tools to break through what’s blocking you and weighing you down. You know you’ve been putting this off because of the price, so I’m removing that obstacle and asking YOU to remove the excuse! Why wait until the new year? This is an opportunity to take control of your life and step into loving yourself more and having the life you crave and desire! You Grow Girl Online Course (originally $199) is now for $49 for 72 hours. This is a self paced program that includes a guided meditation, a printable workbook, and a certificate of completion after the course!

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app





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